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Where Did All My Hair Go? New York, NY

Where Did All My Hair Go?

Hair Transplant New York NY

Hair is one of those features we often feel can make us or break us. A lush, full head of hair can give a person a sense of confidence and a youthful feeling. Conversely, thinning hair can have a negative impact on an individual’s self-esteem. Even younger people sometimes feel past their prime when they…

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Treating Nasal Blockage with Nasal Surgery

Nasal Surgery

Nasal blockage can cause restricted airflow in the upper airway and can be caused by a medical condition or injury to the nose. There may be discomfort and health issues resulting from nasal passages becoming partially or completely blocked. Nasal blockages could be the result of nasal polyps, enlarged turbinates, deviated septum, or nasal valve…

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Stigmas Are Out. Plastic Surgery Is In.

Beautiful young shirtless woman in medical headwear and sketches on face keeping eyes closed while doctors hand making an injection in face

If you are losing sleep over the fact that you’re contemplating plastic surgery at 27, or if you are freaked out by the latest episode of Botched, there are a few things you should know. In a recent article by Betches, Dr. Gary Linkov of City Facial Plastics in New York City provides insight into…

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Is My Teen Too Young for Plastic Surgery?

Teenagers New York, NY

Peer pressure is as real today as it has ever been, and is perhaps even more traumatizing. Everything about your teen is analyzed by his or her peers to see if they “fit in,” and high on the list is their physical appearance. While a new haircut can improve your teen’s look, some more permanent…

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As Plain as the Nose on Your Face? Not Always

Procedures for Nose New York NY

Nearly 80% of Americans, men and women, are dissatisfied with the way they look. Over half would sacrifice their favorites – social media, alcohol and/or pizza – if it meant getting the perfect body overnight. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, approximately 18 million cosmetic procedures are performed in a year. That is…

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Your Bespoke Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Procedures New York, NY

Have you ever noticed how those one-size-fits-all outfits do not really fit anyone all that well? When your clothes are tailored to your body’s unique idiosyncrasies, they look good on you and make you feel great. It is the same with facial rejuvenation. Tailored to your specific needs, Bespoke Facial Rejuvenation results in the look…

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Enhance Your Appearance For The Holidays

Dermal Fillers New York, NY

This holiday season greet your friends with a rejuvenated, youthful look. Smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines with injectables or fillers can give you a beautiful, refreshed appearance in a short amount of time. In fact, some treatments can have you looking your best almost immediately. It only takes a few small wrinkles to cause…

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Dr. Gary Linkov sat down with Skin Spa New York to answer some questions

Skin Spa New York hall.

What are 4-5 immediate actions men and women can take to prolong the aging process? Exercise more Quit smoking Drink in moderation More sleep Eat smaller and smarter Reduce stress Is it ever “too late” to begin preventative care? Definitely not. Preventative total body care can be done at any time, even if disease has…

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Lip Enhancement: Knife or Needle?

Close up cropped photo of attractive woman's lips without lipstick and after having shape correction she has expression wrinkles.

According to a recent American Society of Plastic Surgeons statistics report, surgical lip augmentation has increased 5% since 2016 and 60% since 2000 and soft tissue fillers have increased 312% since 2000. We are inundated with photographs of augmented lips in pop culture which leads many people to seek out their unique lip aesthetic. Injectable…

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Elegant, beautiful, fashionable woman choosing earrings in boutique.

The ears are a prominent feature that frames the face of an individual. The ears can highlight the best facial features or distract from them. Otoplasty may be a choice when ears appear too large, misshapen, unbalanced, or damaged. The Mayo Clinic states that otoplasty, also known as cosmetic ear surgery, is a procedure to…

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What Dr. Linkov's Patients Say
City Facial Plastics

5.0 / 5.0

Based on 47 reviews

Alla K.

Dr. Linkov is really good and so easy to talk to, thank you!

Tyler D.

Thank you so much for your time, Dr. Linkov, appreciate the extra attention!

Elizabeth G.

Everything you would want in a physician - extremely thorough, thoughtful, intelligent, a great listener, and pays extreme attention to detail.

Carolina F.

Dr. Linkov is the best!!! He is extremely professional and knowledgeable!!! I recommend Dr. Linkov 100%.

Alex S.

Dr. Gary is a true professional with great eye and bedside manner. He’s the one I refer my family, patients and friends to.

Suzy S.

Highly recommend! Dr. Gary helped me with painful lip scar tissue after an accidental fall a year earlier. I’ve known Gary for 20 years and since the first day knowing him he’s grown as a medical professional with an innate sense of detail and kind demeanor. Excellent client follow up and post treatment care.

Marina S.

Dr. Gary is a fantastic NYC plastic surgeon who treats me and to whom I would recommend all my friends and family. He has a very conservative approach to fillers and I was extremely impressed with the way he filled my nasolabial lines that had been bothering me for years. It was painless, and I did not experience any bruising at all. Getting this done gave me so much confidence - I wish I worked with him years ago!

Rachel G.

Wow is all I can say! Fantastic doctor that gives you an extremely pleasant, professional, and realistic experience. Would highly recommend and give 6 stars if I could.