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Page Updated: Dec 22, 2020

The shape of the face is created by the bone structure, muscles, tendons and fat under the skin. One of the simplest ways to change the face shape is with facial liposculpture. Excess fat can hide the definition of cheekbones, the chin and other angles of the face. Dr. Gary Linkov at City Facial Plastics in Manhattan’s Upper East Side uses facial liposculpture to improve the overall appearance of the face.

Chubby cheeks, a double chin or droopy eyes can be caused by excess fat on the face. Facial liposculpture can be used to slim facial features to improve the shape of the face or remove fat pockets around the eyes. A small incision is used to access the fat layer under the skin. Dr. Linkov will carefully remove fat to create the desired look, even in small areas around the eyes.

Better Facial Definition with Fat Removal

Fat under the chin can hide the jawline and a defined profile. Rounded cheeks conceal cheekbones and the angular shape of the face. With liposculpture, small amounts of fat can be removed, improving the shape of the face. For men, this helps create a more masculine jawline or chiseled facial features. For women, liposculpture reveals beautiful cheekbones and a defined profile.

Facial fat is often genetic, and even those with a healthy body weight can have excess fat on their face. In some cases, aging can be a factor. Excess fat on the upper or lower eyelids can sag, causing droopy eyes or bags that make the eyes look tired. To remove specific fat deposits, plastic surgery offers a precise option to create a patient’s desired look.

If you have fat accumulation that is hiding your facial structure or impacting the youthfulness of your face, contact City Facial Plastics in Manhattan. We will schedule a consultation with Dr. Linkov to discuss facial liposculpture and other treatments to give you the facial definition you desire.

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Page Updated on Dec 22, 2020 by Dr. Gary Linkov (Facial Plastic Surgeon) of City Facial Plastics in New York

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Alla K.

Dr. Linkov is really good and so easy to talk to, thank you!

Tyler D.

Thank you so much for your time, Dr. Linkov, appreciate the extra attention!

Elizabeth G.

Everything you would want in a physician - extremely thorough, thoughtful, intelligent, a great listener, and pays extreme attention to detail.

Carolina F.

Dr. Linkov is the best!!! He is extremely professional and knowledgeable!!! I recommend Dr. Linkov 100%.

Alex S.

Dr. Gary is a true professional with great eye and bedside manner. He’s the one I refer my family, patients and friends to.

Suzy S.

Highly recommend! Dr. Gary helped me with painful lip scar tissue after an accidental fall a year earlier. I’ve known Gary for 20 years and since the first day knowing him he’s grown as a medical professional with an innate sense of detail and kind demeanor. Excellent client follow up and post treatment care.

Marina S.

Dr. Gary is a fantastic NYC plastic surgeon who treats me and to whom I would recommend all my friends and family. He has a very conservative approach to fillers and I was extremely impressed with the way he filled my nasolabial lines that had been bothering me for years. It was painless, and I did not experience any bruising at all. Getting this done gave me so much confidence - I wish I worked with him years ago!

Rachel G.

Wow is all I can say! Fantastic doctor that gives you an extremely pleasant, professional, and realistic experience. Would highly recommend and give 6 stars if I could.